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One to One Sessions: Intake Form

Which offering(s) are you interested in?

Thank you! Your invoice is coming next, and then we'll schedule your session! :)

Consultaton Form

Begin Your Journey into Ayurveda

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"Existence is a mirror. It echos you."

- Osho

1. Fill out Intake Form

By filling out the above intake form, I receive your contact info and a little about why you are reaching out. Once I receive your submission, you'll receive an invoice from me for the session you wish to book.

2. Pay Invoice

When you have completed your Intake Form, you'll receive an invoice for that specific session or program.


You'll have many options of how you wish to pay, whether PayPal, Venmo, or from your debit/credit card. 

3. Schedule a Date

Then when your invoice is paid, I will contact you to schedule your session and discuss your preferred method of communication and any goals you wish to present. You'll then be on your way to a vibrant, happy, and healthy life.

In the meantime, please sign my liability waiver below.

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